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Product Line

KTE1 Kernel

The Knowledge Translation Engine (Version 1) is a data driven modern web application conceived and developed by's lead programmer while employer with the University of Manitoba and licensed back to LTD on a go forward basis to further it's growth as marketed product. prides itself on delivering elegant but simple software solutions that focus on the true needs of organizations delivering knowledge synthesis and knowledge translation services. We are not a content creator. We are a content provisioning tool provider. We provide well-constructed and deeply integrated modules that allow clients to synthesize content and to deliver it effectively in a healthcare setting to a healthcare audience. This allows implementations that are very effective without the overhead imposed by the need to develop or purchase and merge these functional modules internally. This helps organizations such as the ones we serve get up and running quickly. The KTE1 product offers several types of implementations based on setting up site-specific modular configurations. These implementations are targeted towards organizations that have a distributed team of persons contributing on knowledge synthesis and translation projects. The systems have to be resilient to weather turnover of staff and able to adapt to the changing needs of the communities they serve. The systems have to be designed to assume a lack of general understanding on the use of the specific tool. The KTE1 interface has to be self-evident to new staff as they come online so as to allow the organizations to manage turnover without interrupting their efficiency as well as getting new employees up and running quickly and effectively where there only focus on performing their roles with KTE1, not on learning how to use the KTE1 tool.

Mobile extension of the KTE1 kernel

The KTE1 kernel has a tokenized and versioned API. This allows any client installation of the KTE1 kernel to express data that external IT products such as a mobile app can consume to provide content based solutions. The tokenization allows the owners of the client installation of the KTE1 kernel to turn this access off and on at their discretion.

Top-Site Kernel

The Top-Site Kernel provides a solution to national and international organizations that need to organize the collaborative research activities of it's regional sub-organizations. It presents your organization's vital information to the public just like any other modern generic content management system would while providing your members with a rigourously and thoughtfully constructed back end that manages all your needs in-app.