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Rails Ruby on Rails: We use and recommend Rails as a preferred platform to our clients. It scales well, has a cutting edge development community and has been used with great success by many companies such as Twitter, YellowPages, Hulu and Amazon to name a few. To learn more about Rails visit the Ruby on Rails website.

AngularJS AngularJS: AngularJS is a structural framework for dynamic web applications. It can work on top of existing technologies like Rails or on its own to deliver a smoother user experience. Developers and clients like it because it is rapid to author in resulting in a cost to functionality ratio that is in everyone’s interest. To learn more visit AngularJS.org.

JQuery JQuery: …the javascript library that started the revolution. JQuery is broadly supported and stable. It balances being current with giving users a predictable experience. This javascript library is central to all of our solutions. To learn more visit JQuery.com.

WordPress CMS If you want something that is cost effective and hands on we are able to help you set up your WordPress.com site.

Drupal CMS If you want something that is cost effective and hands on we are able to help you set up your Drupal site.

Octopress CMS … is a very nimble and rapid content management system. Octopress gives you the look and feel of a dynamic data driven site without the cost. The final output is a static site so hosting costs are trivial because there is no database or webserver to maintain. Editing an Octopress site requires a grasp of Rails and UNIX. If you have your own IT staff who are comfortable with UNIX we can help you set up an Octopress.org site. If you don’t expect to alter your content often we can set one up for you rapidly and at a very low price point and post your changes as they occur.

PIWIK analytics If you already have a site but you want help analyzing the traffic in a privacy compliant way we can guide you though this process by setting your own PIWIK.org site up and connecting it to your app.

Design Approaches

Responsive Web Design: We provide dynamically resizing ‘responsive’ web design solutions as a standard. By emphasizing clean CSS3 and HTML5 driven layouts our sites always look good and function appropriately on desktop, tablet and handheld devices. We can provide HTML5 solutions that work across multiple platforms while being thoughtful of older browsers.

Data Driven Documents We are able to help you visiualize your data using the D3.js (Data Driven Documents) library

Consultation and Solutions

Partnering with existing deployments of Rails Apps: We can help you connect with clients already using established Rails Apps in fields that you are in. Partnerships allow you to lower your cost burden and share in the credit that comes with participating in broadly collaborative solutions aimed at serving a public good.

Custom built Rails WebApps: If what you need is very specific we can help you build custom Rails Apps based on the latest developments in the Rails and Javascript communities.